Varanus storri (Storr's Monitor)

This miniature monitor is full of attitude and personality. Their colouration can range from brownish-gray to brilliant red complimented by unique markings. Native to Australia it inhabits inland areas off the northern coast. Storr's goannas are primarily terrestrial preferring dry rocky scrubland where they live in colonies. As adults, they can reach a size of 30 cm TL, but average 16 cm SVL.

Storr's monitors thrive in captivity and have proven to be one of the hardiest species I have worked with. They are mainly insectivorous, but will accept pinkie mice on occasion. Storr's monitors are notorious for displaying intraspecific aggression that could lead to injury or even death. Although it may be difficult to assemble a compatible colony of V. storri for breeding, once this is accomplished the rewards are well worth the effort.

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